Supercharger - Sunnyvale, CA, USA (16 stalls)

Hi there,

I think the construction on this parking lot is a new supercharger:

639 S Bernardo Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

I found its permit here:

10/06/2020  2020-1278  13  RE$228,000  TESLA, INC  639 S BERNARDO AV  BL EL FP  INSTALLATION OF 16 NEW EV CHARGERS FOR **TESLA**

I assume “EV CHARGERS” means Supercharger? :wink:

I saw the fenced area and got suspicious that the layout looked like a supercharger. Then I found the permit via a Google search.

Here are two pictures from Nov 18:

View after turning into the lot:


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Drove by and it is definitely open. This should take pressure off the downtown Sunnyvale charger in the Target garage, which is almost always slammed.

Yes, it’s finally open now. It already looked quite busy around 1pm when I went to the Safeway.

In case you want to adjust the opening date: I think it was opened on Friday, April 2. (Thursday, April 1 it was still closed.)

The “opening date” listed on is just the date that a location is marked as being open on the site. Which is done when there is the first confirmed charging session that gets reported in a location that a site editor sees it. They aren’t listings of the exact date when a station is first activated.