Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

Thanks the photo showing them. Updated now.

I’ve Noticed several locations that are currently labeled as V3 and only open to Tesla has been updated to NACS capable


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I have found this issue in 25 additional locations as well (but I’m limited in URL links)


I’ve updated the two sites along with a few other sites. You’re welcome to post the other sites too by pasting the site names so you won’t run into the URL limiter.

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Thank you! So far I found 36 in the US
1) Philadelphia, PA - Penrose Avenue
2) West Palm Beach - Palm Beach Outlets, FL
3) Okahumpka, FL - Florida Turnpike Service Plaza
4) Pompano Beach, FL - Florida Turnpike Service Plaza
5) Marina, CA
6) Troutdale, OR
7) Union City, CA
8) Urbana, MD
9) Tampa, FL - North Dale Mabry Highway
10) Hutto, TX
11) Allentown, PA - Schantz Road
12) Santa Maria, CA
13) Perry Hall, MD
14) Burr Ridge, IL
15) Wharton, TX
16) Westminster, CO
17) San Diego, CA - Camino De La Plaza
18) North Miami Beach, FL
19) San Leandro, CA
20) GLoucester, MA
21) Chula Vista, CA - Telegraph Canyon Road
22) Dothan, AL
23) Anaheim, CA - West Lincoln Avenue
24) Boca Raton, FL (Floor 2)
25) Bowie, MD
26) Hood River, OR
27) San Diego, CA - Genesee Avenue
28) Newton, MA
29) Edgewater, CO
30) Modesto, CA - Joyce Avenue
31) Napa, CA - Bel Aire Plaza
32) Norcross, GA
33) Perris, CA
34) Salinas, CA - 1320 South Main Street
35) Tempe, AZ - West Elliot Road
36) Manahawkin, NJ


And 5 in Canada

  1. Vegreville, AB
  2. La Tuque, QC
  3. Berthierville, QC
  4. Castlegar, BC
  5. Vaughan, ON

Nice work, I’ll update them soon. Let us know when you find more sites.


Will do!

I have a script that attempts to update NACS-compatible sites, which is how we got from ~50 to ~1200 recently, but I haven’t run it again in the past few weeks because (1) the older version was buggy and messed with some of the non-NACS data (I think I’ve since fixed that), (2) I’ve been busy with 4.1.0 and quite a few other things, and (3) hesitation due to all the other supercharger turmoil. I can maybe try running it again in the next few days to see what else it picks up.

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Thanks @rovastar and @paulkva for the accessible / trailer-friendly guidance! With that in mind, here are a few more updates:

Fremont, CA - 47966 Warm Springs Blvd has 1 accessible stall, 0 trailer-friendly, free parking 24/7.
Auburn, CA - Lincoln Way has 1 accessible stall, 0 trailer-friendly, free parking 24/7.
Pollock Pines, CA has 1 accessible stall, 0 trailer-friendly, free parking 24/7.
Fresno, CA - 7502 N. Blackstone Ave. has 1 accessible stall, 0 trailer-friendly, free parking 24/7.
Fresno, CA - E. Champlain Dr. remains under construction with v4 posts per (, unknown accessible stalls, 0 trailer-friendly, unknown parking.
Chowchilla, CA has 1 accessible stall, 0 trailer-friendly (all pull-in stalls but trailers would block traffic), free parking 24/7.

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Thanks for the additional updates. I’ve started making changes and should get through these in the next few minutes.
EDIT: updated, along with PlugShare IDs when available :slight_smile:


@alexzz123 / @TeslaGuy01 – For what it’s worth, I ran the script again and it didn’t identify any additional sites that we need to mark as open to NACS-compatible EVs. We’re now showing 1,438 open NACS-compatible sites.


Found 3 chargers that claim to currently have active magic docks that I’ve verified through the find us page and the app to not have active magic docks
Weed, CA
Los Gatos, CA - Los Gatos Boulevard
Covington, GA (It should be noted that in addition to not having a functioning magic dock this site is also not NACS compatible and only allows Tesla vehicles to charge at it with or without an adapter.)

Thanks for the updates. Covington GA is currently showing NACS compatible on Tesla’s site, but none of the three you mention are showing MagicDock capabilities.