Supercharger - Santander, Spain

New supercharger being built in Santander, very close to the Valle Real Commercial Center.

Coordinates: 43.4271, -3.8386

Club Tesla says it is going to be 8V4.

The first materials have arrived:

Will update it in the maps :smiley:


I’ve been a bit busy with Google maps web and found a more accurate position for the supercharger, if you “fly” to these coordinates with google maps or google earth, you’l be “landing” at the construction site (hopefully :joy: )
COORDINATES: 43.429288867038, -3.838252652245876
Enjoy your “flight” or (alternatively) you can drive there and post more pictures :wink:

NOTE: I wrote “fly” and afterwards I noticed that the point is pretty close to Santander airport runway 11 threshold :grin: