Supercharger - Sallent, Spain

Situated at the heart of Catalonia,where C16. (a north south axis motorway in Catalonia) crosses C25 (the east west axis motorway of Catalonia) is a very clever stop on the way to Andorra or just to enjoy a great restaurant and hotel, named “Mas de la Sala”, in the premises.

The coordinates of the SuC are N 41.789691° E 1.897909°

Here some pictures of my visit (Sunday, October the 9th 2022)

As I am still limited to one image per post, I put the first one here and subsequent pictures in successive messages.


Materials reay to be installed…

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The unmistakeable shape of Tesla Supercharger bases

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Even litter boxes are in “uniform” :rofl:

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A row of eight holes where the SuCs will be placed, there is another one opposite to this with eight more stand, a total of sixteen supercharger will be available, still a “secret” what generation of supercharges will occupy the stands…

Let’s suppose that you are travelling from Barcelona (or somewhere around) to Andorra via the Cadí Tunnel, this is how you can get to the Sallent Superchrger site…

See the northbound video.

…or the same route but opposite sense…

See the Southbound video.

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Do you remember the October 2022 pictures…?
Well, the building site looks “abandoned” :anguished: and the new “target opening” is…

Q1 2024…!!! :broken_heart:

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New pictures sent today by user of Club Tesla Spain.

Looks like there is still way to go.

I think these are no Supercharger Foundations

Looks like ABB or Tritium

Good afternoon everyone!!!

I went to Sallent this morning, I have plenty of pictures, please standby for the update, it’ll take me some time to put order and choose which ones to use.

Well, I think I will split the report in a few messages, so it is easier for me to put some order on the story.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Stay tuned please :wink: :grin:

Spoiler: I’m afraid I don’t have good news :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a bit more than a year since my first visit to the place and I have to admit that I was kind of enthusiastic… maybe my expectations were way too high :roll_eyes:

Remember the first picture? Don’t worry, I put it back so you don’t have to go up and down along the page.

This is how it looked thirteen moths ago:

Today it looks like this:

The big canopy is a solar plant, quite huge, I don’t know how many kW/h but I would say: A LOT f them.

As you can see, the Tesla stuff did have no changes at all except for the wild vegetation claiming back the land and a new power shed (white colour) which I suppose is intended to provide power to another site in construction just next to the solar canopy.

EPISODE 2. The Tesla stuff…

As I did with the previous message, I will make life easier for you.

That’s how the Tesla Supercharger construction site looked thirteen months ago:

That’s how it looks today:

Disheartening isn’t it? The only difference is the new power shed as mentioned in EPISODE 1, which (remember) has nothing to do with the Tesla stuff…

Tesla Supercharger materials still in place:

The Supercharger foundations:


The dust bins:

What a pity… :disappointed_relieved:

EPISODE 3. Perspectives…

This is how the whole thing looks from a position next to the big solar canopy, you can see the building site of another supposed charging station with an undisclosed number of stalls, both power sheds, the yellowish one (the older) was supposed to power the Tesla Superchargere (conjecture) while the white one (the newest) which (by the way) seems to have a set of batteries at the back, will power the other charging stations which are just in front of me, next to the solar canopy:

Here, another panoramic view from the opposite side of the construction site of the other chargers:

In this picture, taken from behind the power sheds, you can see what I think is a set of batteries next to the newer power shed:

I hope you enjoy the report.

Thank you very much for your patience.

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Final words:

What a setback!!! another abandoned construction :worried:

The location of this SuC is highly convenient, it’s on the way from Andorra to Barcelona and (if finally opens one day) does not require to enter any city (unlike the one of Seu d’Urgell), it has an extremely easy access from and to the motorway. It is also very conveniently situated for all the traffic along C25, known as the Catalonia’s transversal axle that spans from Girona to Cervera conveniently connecting intersections of motorway A-II in order to avoid Barcelona surroundings quite far from it, so all traffic moving from Girona to Lleida, Zaragoza and Madrid has a much shorter way to go.

In short, Sallent SuC location is really strategic.

If it does enter into service I guess it will be a busy location.



Many thanks for the update @Toni_Wan_Kenobi
Hope both (this one and Badalona) re-start constructions and are built, as money was invested and they’re both stopped for more than a year.
Reckoning if it has something to do with the Generatitat, as these stopped SuCs are mostly in Catatuña.

Keep us updated please.



Don’t think so, a few months ago, in one of my visits to Badalona SuC construction site, I met an engineer who told me they were facing “a mountain of bureaucratic rubbish” from the electricity provider company (e-distribuición / Endesa) which (by chance) runs an EV chargers network (as you know) and which has its HQ in Madrid, well away from Catalunya…
As far as the Sallent SuC construction is concerned, I have absolutely no clue of what is going on.
Besides that, remember the the case of the Mallorca SuC which construction was finished and then it took months before it went into service… the Generalitat de Catalunya had nothing to do with this as well as many other SuCs around Spain which suffered delays in their construction and/or in their entry into service.


Thanks for making it clear.

As far as those two chargers were in the same autonomous community, I thought there could be some connection.

It sounds really normal to me that the Endesa is putting some trouble to activate chargers from other companies (In Castilla y León, that happens with Iberdrola).

Hope everything gets solved soon.

Thanks for keeping us posted!


Hello everyone,

I have some great news to share. I’ve just spoken with the hotel owner and they’ve resolved the issue with Endesa. This means we can expect Ionity chargers to be available before the end of this year. As for Tesla charging points, they are likely to be installed by the first quarter of 2024, probably around February.

The owner mentioned there’s a chance these could be the latest V4 chargers, though it’s not confirmed yet.


Many, many thanks for the update. The confirmation of my thoughts about ENDESA making it difficult for everybody makes me (somehow) happy, I always said that industrial groups having to do with production, distribution and/or commercialization of electric energy, should be banned from the EV recharging business, those companies (electric power related companies) use (in Spain) to play dirty as they have the power to slow down and even completely “paralyze” other companies fair EV charging business.

Gràcies Marc, salut!!


Many thanks for the information @marcpujol !