Supercharger - Penndel, PA, USA

8 stalls under construction at a brand new Wawa under construction. Lincoln Hwy, Penndel, PA across from Denny’s restaurant. I’ve been waiting to see which brand DCFC was going to go in, and I finally saw the Tesla stalls yesterday. I can go back and take pictures if required for verification.


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This is the trip data from TeslaMate, trimmed to only show where I slowed down to take the picture through the passenger window. You can see the field to the right of my path where this construction is happening. The satellite view will let you line it up and verify the location.

Edit: I see you’ve already added it to the map. I feel like an idiot coming back with more details!

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No worries at all! I already knew this was going to be the site so I had the mapping details. Thanks for the photo