Supercharger - Parma, Italy

The works for the construction of the Parma Supercharger have started:

Centro Euro Torri, Parma
(I have no information on the number of stalls, I will update the map with the correct number shortly)

Tesla has updated the map on its website. If there are no delays, by the end of the year we will have 74 Supercharger stations in Italy.

This should be the list of all the new stations:

Vado Ligure Q2
Milan Urban Q3
Rimini Q3
Serravalle Scrivia Q3
Padova North Q3
Sarzana Q3
Barberino del Mugello Q4
Cagliari 2 Q4
Milano North Q4
Roma Urban Q4
Piacenza 2 Q4
Salerno Q4
Vicolungo Q4
Mondovì Q4


Hi Raffaele, thank you for this info. Are you able to give updates about this charger? Do you think it will be ready at May 14th? I guess not but you never know.

I have no idea, but it probably won’t be ready by May 14th.

Hello, any news about this Supercharger? :smiley:

I believe the Supercharger station is close to opening.

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That would be cool for 1st August :smiley:

OPEN! :smiley:

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