Supercharger - Padova, Italy

I just discovered this:

Tesla estimates the opening for Q4 2022


Work in progress

P.s. The Cavaglià Supercharger station will be expanded with 16 additional V3 stalls, for a total of 24 Supercharger stalls. In addition, another 4 Enel X will be installed (in addition to the 2 Enel X already present). In total there will be 30 charging points.

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Update: 10th April 2023

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still no forecast today?

still to be activated

Any Updates here?

No idea on the Supercharger expantion, however, there is now right next to the Supercharger station:

  • Ionity, 12 x 350 kW
  • Ewiva (formerly Enel X), 2 x 150 kW + 2 x 300 kW
  • Enel X Way, 2 x 22 kW
  • Tesla Destination Charger (Golf Club), 2 x 22 kW
    And of course also 8 x 150 kW Supercharger, I don’t think more charging points are needed in this area

Is it normal that they are still closed?

Apparently, this SC just opened 3 days ago! :+1: