Supercharger - Orange, France

Now open to all

Thanks, it’s edited now.

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Question : When you edit to indicate “open to all”, it stay in the same position in the general list. Possible to change this behavior or not? :slight_smile:

The “Chances” tab only show changes to the status (open, construction, permit). If I chance an attribute (open to all, kW, stalls, etc.) it won’t make a chance in the “Chances” tab. AFAIK I can’t chance that behavior.

sorry to hear that! So if there is an update in the nb of stele, we don’t have notification too :frowning:

Agrandissement en cours d’une station Tesla à Orange.
Ajout de 16 stèles
Info et photo de Johnnybigoud13 sur le forum AP

Comme d’habitude, retrouvez le lien vers ma carte :
Toute l’actu des stations de recharge sur le groupe FB : Redirecting...