Supercharger - Ocaña, Spain

Hi everyone,

Tesla confirmed it in the webpage some time ago, but a user has found an official document from the Ocaña town hall where a plot has been assigned to Tesla to build the new Ocaña Supercharger.
Here is the document:

Location: 39.93428, -3.48997

Will keep you updated as soon as other details arise

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Added, thanks for the information!


Club Tesla Spain confirms 8 stall V4.

Does this mean they’ve had visual confirmation that construction has started? If so, do they have any photos of the construction they would be willing to let you share?

Club Tesla Spain has direct connection with Tesla Spain.
They said 8 stalls V4 is the plan now.
No pictures now, the state “permit” fits into this Supercharger state

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Construction started, 10 posts on one side, and 6 posts on the other it seems.

Updating the state :smiley:


Great news.
Soon, I will say goodbye to Getafe.

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