Supercharger - Northampton (SC), UK

Construction has started for an 8 stall Supercharger (assume V3) at the Northampton Service Centre.
TMC Forum link: Wiki - UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News | Page 269 | Tesla Motors Club (photo shows 8 charger bases, 6 of which have covered stands in place).
GPS coordinates: (52.242500,-0.834100) - photo is outside Service Centre apparently matching location shown in some planning documents (see Wiki - UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News | Page 233 | Tesla Motors Club)


Thank you also for this one! Added.


Thanks @Kaliningrad for adding the new marker (and the Carmarthen one).
FYI there is a Tesla webpage pointing to the Northampton location but it doesn’t appear on their map or country listing:

| Tesla (Northampton Coming Soon link)

Again just for info there are currently quite a few links like this (I occasionally check the UK & Ireland ones) - I think they came off the map/listings around November last year and it remains to be seen if they are being retired or will get added back at some point.

The UK & Ireland links that I know of are included in the TMC UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News wiki tables - from time to time I check to make sure they aren’t broken.

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Yes, thank you, I noticed that Tesla had an entry on their “fund us” map but not in the list for the UK.

It’s not the first time this happens and it won’t be the last. :upside_down_face:

Interesting that so many locations disappeared from the map. My best guess is that they messed up when they updated the map and list and that some of the locations will suddenly pop up as constructions sites. We’ll see. Thank you for keeping an eye on the forum.

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