Supercharger - Mallorca, Spain

This is the new Supercharger at Mallorca Fashion Outlet near Palma.
There are 2 stalls and is near to open soon.


Is there an update for the charger in the meantime? I will be in Mallorca on Saturday and would like to know if I can charge there. Otherwise we will have to change “Two Tesla Weeks” to “Four Tesla Months” … :frowning:

I use to visit this spot every week and no changes seen in 3 months. It looks that is just pending some legal authorisarion. Who knows. If you need to charge in Malorca you’ll find some DC and some orhers at Ikea Store at 16 Kw, also Lidl supermarkets, a few 50 Kw at McDonalds and at least one JuicePass near Palma, Poligon de Llevant.
Have a nice trip to Mallorca and enjoy your stay!


Thank you for the update and the tips on loading. We will certainly enjoy the trip and the stay.

Normally difficulties are coming from grid operators, can be ENDESA there?

Probably is Endesa there. Who knows. Anyway this makes the mobility electrification a great challenge. There is no real will to ease the transition

Any new information about this SuC?
Tesla says it will open in Q3, and that ends in 5 days haha

This site is open… but unfortunately with 150 kW stalls (v2).
It should be corrected.