Supercharger Hipoltstein gets V3


currently Supercharger Hipoltstein has limited service because it gets 12 V3 stalls

Hi Giles. I saw that you posted a bunch of threads with updates on stall numbers. Thanks for helping improve the data of this site! In the future though, instead of starting a new thread for each location, it would be better (and easier for you) to just post that information in the existing thread for updating site data or correcting errors: Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

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ok thanks for advice and sorry for the inconvienience

No inconvience. Thanks for the data input!

just a issue: The Updates do not appear in the map, do youbknow why?

If the V3 expansion isn’t open yet, the site will remain as V2. When it opens we will change it

for Braak, Wernberg-Köblitz and Vöhringen the V3 extension is finalized… see screenshots…please update your database for these Superchargers