Supercharger Ellwangen permanently closed - please remove

supercharger is nearly completely dismantled…

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please update your maps and keep up-to-date!! Supercharger Ellwangenndoes not exist anymore

Maybe Tesla is upgrading. Standing by

No, Tesla does not upgrade. This Supercharger is permanently closed. It is also removed from the Tesla navigation system in the car.

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currently they are looking for a new site in the region

Seems there is a new location up and running just half a mile from the old one. According to the Tesla satnav it’s at “Hotel Montana” and they even have V3 stalls.

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Der SuC-Standort ist am Hotel Montana bei der BayWa-Tankstelle einen Kreisverkehr weiter: Max-Eyth-Straße 44, 73479 Ellwangen (Jagst)

Here is the new location.



great 8 times V3 stalls… really great!!!

Thanks for the update! I’ll re-purpose the old entry for this one.

It looks like there is some plastic around some pedestals, is it active or awaiting activiation?

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tesla Navigation indicate 8 available v3 stalls

by the way the navigation calls the new Supercharger: Ellwangen - Hotel Montana

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