Supercharger - Edirne , Türkiye

This new supercharger is under “Construction”.
Number of stalls: 6
GPS: ( 41°40’48.7"N 26°34’56.4"E , 41.680200, 26.582326)

Şükrüpaşa, Kıyık Cd. No:254,
22030 Edirne Merkez/Edirne, Türkei


Thank you for this. It has now been added.

Let us know when it is open.


Any progress? Has somebody observed something?

Estimated Opening for Bolu and Edirne is the first quarter in 2023. You can find this Information on “Find us” on Tesla Webpage

Uns Finden | Tesla

Do there know when they will open for Superchargers all over Turkey?

They planned 12 SuC in West and middle Turkey. Four of them are in Construction, and only one (Bolu) of them have a opening date. So we have to wait and pray that in soon will go on. My next visit to Türkiye will be in September 2023. Would be nice to go to my birthplace with using the SuC in Türkiye.

I’m thinking more about the 4 places that have built Supercharge but they haven’t opened the 4, what I can see from the pictures and video from the different people are they finished Edirne/İstanbul/Bolu/Ankara when will they open officially

Tesla had announced plans to open superchargers in Turkey at the locations you mentioned: Hilly Hotel in Edirne, Emarr AVM in Istanbul, Highway Outlet in Bolu O4, and Ankamall AVM in Ankara technically are finisheh.
However, there were some issues with regulations that were causing delays in the opening.
It is possible that if these issues are resolved, the opening process could move quickly.


Wondeful. Looking forward to visit all of them.

:crossed_fingers:t3:I hope so too, do you know what problem tesla is prevented from?
Since it doesn’t make sense to some that they can’t just be allowed, I hope they don’t have to establish more togg loading stands before they give permission :grimacing::grin:

Tesla is now allowed to sell Energy


Are they something new about supercharge opening?

Hopefully now they will open soon in Turkey. Looks like a few are ready to go over there so maybe we will them in quick succession.

Bolu was the first construction that was finished. So hopefully they will open Bolu at first. And the other ones (Ankara, Edirne and Istanbul) will follow very soon.

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Supercharger in
Hilly Hotel, Edirne
Emar Mall, Istanbul
Highway Outlet , O2 Bolu
AnkaMall , Ankara
will opened at 10am 04-04-2023


These are wonderful news.
We waited so long for that.
Rest to come…

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Those are open to all EV’s…

Yes first there have show it like it what only in Edirne and Ankara
Now it in all