Supercharger - Diegem, Belgium

construction permits
50.88413, 4.44243

position to be fine-tuned
info by TOCB


I live nearby and passed by today to take a look at the location.
First, a better quality photo of the permit notice:

You can see a link to the consultation page on the notice. Here is the link: [Permit]

Going through the permit I found the number of stalls (16) and the exact location: 50.8839, 4.4436
Here is the detailed plan of the SuC:

There is no Tesla equipment on site yet but there are already some ground works ongoing where the transformer and V3 cabinets are going to be placed:

Finally, about the name. I don’t think this SuC will be called “Brussels”, because the location is outside Brussels, in Machelen (post code 1831). There is already a SuC in Machelen, at the Van der Valk hotel. So, it could be called “Machelen 2”, or “Diegem” (Machelen is part of Diegem municipality). There is also a chance that the original Machelen SuC, which is literally the slowest SuC in Europe (max 72 kW), will be closed and the new SuC will inherit its name.

I will be passing the location regularly and will keep updating on the construction progress.


Thank you, it’s finally been added.

I decided to simply call it “Holiday Inn” for now because it’s literally 10 metres from the hotel’s main entrance (Hoofdingang).


Back to Diegem after the Easter break, and - surprise - the equipment for the Holiday Inn SuC has been delivered :+1:t2:
I guess this SuC can be promoted to “construction” now.


A transformer has been placed today

Progress after 1 month of construction.

Now open.

And the winner is…. Diegem!

P.S. Some photos from the finished construction that I took yesterday.

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