Supercharger - Deventer, The Netherlands

Staff of the new Van der Valk Hotel in Deventer, Netherlands, has confirmed on their Facebook page there’ll be a Tesla Supercharger station on their premises.

Reported in post on TMC.

Facebook HotelDeventer post date 22 Sep 2020.


The hotel is due for opening before the end of the year.
This station will probably replace the nearby Beuseberg Supercharger, which was announced by Tesla almost 2 years ago, but never came.

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Thanks Gaston,
I’m aware of the possible SuC location at VdV Deventer indeed.
I am awaiting some actual evidence of work in progress at the site, last week I was there but could not see any SuC activities, just some cables that looked for AC chargers.
I will be there about every week so keep an eye on it!


I check the hotel again last Friday.
There are now some AC chargers installed on their parking lot.
No sign of any superchargers to come.