Supercharger - Deva, Romania

Deva won the supercharger voting in Q4 2023
According to these articles, the location for the Supercharger will be: 45.87298, 22.90925

Can someone add the location to the map?

[Deva va avea Superchargere Tesla - nwradu blog]
(Iași, Bacău, Deva și Brașov vor avea Superchargere Tesla - nwradu blog)

[Tesla extinde rețeaua de Superchargere si în Deva cu noi stații]
(Tesla extinde rețeaua de Superchargere în Brașov cu noi stații de tip V4 în 2024 |


Thanks, added it.


Target opening 2026

Sorry, this is only a blog mentioning that the locations won the vote. There isn’t any further information that somthing is bening built or any planning approved.

The new Supercharger in Deva is confirmed on Tesla’s website and has a target opening set for 2026 (screenshot above).