Supercharger Carsoli - Oricola (AQ) Italy

Today we have the first pictures of the Supercharger in Carsoli (AQ) right outside of the A24 Highway.

This is the exact location: HERE

It seems to be an old project with a permit from march 2019. It is a V2 Supercharger with 8 Stalls 150 kW.
On Tesla Map is scheduled for Q2 2021.

Here are the pics:



It is good to see that there is some activity building new chargers in Italy. Understandable that there has not been a lot of activity the last year. Eager to see more superchargers coming in the south and on Sicily.

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Is there any more news of the Supercharger? 7th Feb is nearly 3 months ago. I’m hoping to visit the Abruzzi this summer, and this is a crucial charger for this.

It is completed in terms of asphalt and construction. It just need to be activated and turned on. I think they are waiting for the connection to the grid. for now, no news.

for sure by this summer it will be up and running.

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Thank you - that’s very good news!

Carsoli-Oricola is officially Opened!
8 Stalls V2 150 kW

Please update the map!