Supercharger - Bulls, New Zealand

Tesla is (finally) on a bit of Supercharging spree in New Zealand it seems! Another new site has been announced today in Bulls. This might be a bit early for this map since there’s no progress pics, obvious permits etc but it seems they’re only putting them up on the “Find Us” page when they’re far along the planning process.

This one looks like it will be going up in the back of the Bulls Cafe carpark

Here’s hoping there will be some new sites popping up on the map in the South Island


Thanks @Matt_NZ! I agree about adding this one prematurely… although the other NZ site markers have been oddly accurately located, probably best to wait for additional evidence!

There were updates a few weeks ago on traffic community pages saying construction work was happening in Bulls, supposedly for the Supercharger so it’s probably not far away.