Supercharger - Brno, Czech Republic

Hi, just 2 new SC are currently built in Brno, Czech Republic, Olympia shopping centre, Humanic entrance. But still not on map.

Olympia Brno
U Dálnice 777
664 42 Modřice!

77190834_2608521722709318_5770956373755953152_o|301x500 !


Added on the map! Could you give me an exact location on the map?

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Using Google Streetmaps the position was updated to: 49.138336, 16.630748

How many stalls (or foundations for stalls) did you see?

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Now, there are no foundations, only 2 stalls on the palette. This stalls are marked 3A and 3B, maybe there will be 6 stalls.

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Hello, on FB I just saw that there are 4 stall already built and working… You can change it on the map from construction to ready.



Thank you for lettings us know. Did anybody on FB report something about the charging speed?

Hi, here is photo of label on SCH.


four stalls

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78431349_10211785574953122_1037390943088541696_o|666x500 !

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Small update from Brno. Today Czech Tesla owner Honza confirmed on facebook that Tesla started the expansion on Brno, in Czech republic Supercharger from 8 to 16 stalls. Looks like combination of 8 V3 and 8 V4. Let’s see how fast they will bring it online.


Brno will receive 12 new chargers. Together there will be 20 Stalls.


First 2/12 stalls in place.

Between 12 new stalls and three cabinets, I can see this place on top connected to whole installation. Could be preparation for next expansion? All 20 stalls are in one line which fill all space available by the building, this starts new line.

I am new here, and live nearby, how often are updates welcomed?