Supercharger - Bergamo, Italy (?)

A few days ago “Vitali S.P.A.” published an Instagram story of the following rendering:

We can clearly see a Supercharger station, perhaps the Supercharger programmed by Tesla in Bergamo for Q4 2021.
Location: Kilometro Rosso, Bergamo, Italy
(45.659708, 9.652686) approx.


Very well spotted :slight_smile:
Keep us updated when they start construction!


I had confirmation from a reliable source that Vitali SPA is working on the construction of the Bergamo Supercharger.
It will be located inside the new “Stezzano Business Park”.

(45.658850, 9.645675)
Unfortunately, they seem to be slightly behind schedule.
I’m adding the Supercharger to the map with “permit” status.


Unfortunately I have to admit that I was wrong (or they changed their plans).
The Bergamo Supercharger is now under construction, but in a different location:
I’m updating the map, tomorrow we will probably have more precise information.
Location: 45.652139, 9.619000

It looks like there will be 8 Supercharger V3 stalls + 10 charging points for any electric vehicle.


Per ora solo colonnine per auto Tesla.
I lavori di istallazione sono ormai terminati, la fornitura in media tensione è già attiva.
La apertura al pubblico sarà a brevissimo nei prossimi giorni. :heart_eyes:
For now, only for Tesla cars charging.
The installation works are now completed, the medium voltage supply is already active.
The opening to the public will be very shortly in the next few days. :heart_eyes: