Supercharger - Bardonecchia, Italy

A new Supercharger station under construction has just been discovered: Bardonecchia.
This supercharger is located along a very important highway between Italy and France, it is at the entrance to the Fréjus Road Tunnel.
8 V3 stalls
Exact location: 45.082194, 6.711208

I have already added the supercharger to the map.

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Is it known if this is accessible both ways or only when travelling IT → FR?

I think 4 supercharger stalls will be accessible on each side of the road.
Should we add 2 distinct Supercharger stations on the map in this case?

The Supercharger of Aosta (Italy) is also divided into 3 zones, A Better Route planner and the Tesla navigator show 3 distinct Superchargers.
Should we also divide the Aosta supercharger into 3?

If there are two locations yes but the photo on the Facebook post showed 8 stalls together.
(can it be the post is not accessible anymore?)

I don’t know for sure what the Bardonecchia Supercharger will be like, this is just my idea.

The Aosta Supercharger is already divided into 3 zones, but on the map it is indicated as a single supercharger.

As I imagined the station is accessible from both sides. The Supercharger station divides the two sides of the highway.
Should we add two distinct Supercharger stations on the map?
4 V3 dir. France, 4 V3 dir. Torino

This is what the Supercharger station look like from both sides:

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