Supercharger Athens, Greece

Newly installed Tesla supercharger in Athens, Greece behind the golden Hall shopping center at the entrance of the olympic museum. 6 stalls from what it seems are V2. should be online soon.
GPS coordinates: 38°02’04.6"N 23°47’25.1"E



Thanks @chriskirza! I’ve added this location to

This seemed to be a strange location until I realized it’s at the Athens Pop-up Golden Hall Tesla sales site.


Can it be accessed 24/7?

there is security guard so i think for charging it can be accessed 24/7.
as soon as i find out more i will inform.
Should be online soon. everything seems ready.
yes it is near the temporary pop-up store.

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We have no idea whether this location is for public charging or only for Tesla’s own use, since the chargers are located at the back Tesla’s first pop-up store in Greece. Actually, I would expect to see some kind of “urban” Tesla chargers in such a location. But, then again, they tend to place regular v2 Superchargers in their stores anyways.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, in the local Tesla and EV community.

Great news! Anything about Thessaloniki ?

not yet. Tesla said near Q4 of this year.

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Any update when the athens charger will be opened?

Looks like it has been commissioned!


Yeah and thanks Thanar :smiley:

Fully commissioned and in working order. 24/7 also.


any update for patras SC?

Any update on Tesaloniki supercharger?

probably by the end of the year

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should open maybe within july