Supercharger - Atalanti, Greece

There is a Supercharger Under Construction in the Rest Area Atalanti (SEA Atalanti). 4 V3 Chargers northbound and 4 V3 Chargers southbound.

M36C+6R Lokri, Griechenland


Thank you for the info! It’s been added :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but the location is a bit wrong and it seems to be 8 Stalls for all directions when I look at the pictures.

M35C+GR Atalandi, Griechenland

Rest Area of Atalanti (“Olympus Plaza”) (Lamia-Athens)


I tried to fix it, but I don’t have access to the pictures on Facebook.

Did you want me to use the location of the red marker on your map as the location for the southbound one?

Yes, should be better. Thanks!

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Any update on the progess for the Atalanti supercharger?

Northbound looks close to opening. Fotos from 12th of May on Tesla Fans Greece Facebook. (sorry I cant upload Fotos due to member status)

Looks like they install 4 northbound and 4 southbound. On each direction there will be preparations for 4 more when necessary in the future.

Fotos southbound show more work to do.

Northbound 12th May 2022:

Southbound, 16th May 2022: