Supercharger: Anseong, South Korea

New 6 stall V3

Address: 833, Anseong Maum-daero, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do


Which I believe is at the back of the car park of the complex (supermarket/market/shopping centre/shrug).
Co-ordinates: 36.98866, 127.26692

Tesla pages:

Iโ€™ll add something to openstreetmap later so your pin doesnโ€™t appear in the middle of nowhere on your map.


Thanks @Rovastar , in fact Iโ€™ve just done my weekly-ish check of most Asian countries. There are quite a few new ones in South Korea.

A couple of other oddities: โ€œSeoul - Jamsil Bโ€, where Teslaโ€™s pin was in the middle of nowhere in the south of the country. Found it was directly south of Seoul, and changing the latitude from 35 to 37 put me in the exact spot identified by the address. So for the time being, is more accurate than the Tesla map :slight_smile:

Another is โ€œDaego - Suseongโ€, which appeared in early April, disappeared during May, and has now just reappeared in the last week.

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@chuq I guessed you would pick these up. Just hopefully help them on the

Yeah some are not right from tesla and a simple typo of the digits and it was is difficult to spot when we have none o in the ground there. We will keep looking out for them.