Supercharger - Ankara , Türkiye

Hello Today new location spoted in Ankara at a Park Area of a Mall.

the Location ist here

39°56’58.6"N 32°49’58.2"E

39.949623, 32.832834


Are they already activated?
6 chargers or more?


they are not activated , total 8 x V3 charger



Thank you!

Out of mere curiosity, what’s that building in the background? Doesn’t look like a typical mall. :slight_smile:

It’s the general office of the police the mall is at the other site

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I hope they will be activated lately next year, my next journey to Türkiye.

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Any progress at the area? Has somebody observed something?

I can’t see these been online until Tesla starts official selling cars in Turkey and even then not until they start doing deliveries of these vehicles. So, sadly, I think it will be many months yet.

It has been a while since Tesla opened up in new market and I can’t remember what happened for the last one but I think it was sales and deliveries before superchargers.

It is great that they look finished and ready to turn on though with reasonable sized stalls of 8 (not 3 or 4) and V3s at a location. I expect once we get sales/deliveries they will be opened up in quick succession.

Do you know of any other location that construction is underway? There are a lot of proposed rough locations on the Tesla map, I’m guessing some of these will be getting underway with construction soon

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Thanks for Response.
I dont know nothing :smile:. I am courios about the situation in TR because of traveling every year to TR. And the only one i saw and took pictures of is the one in Bolu. Finished so far, but not opened yet.
So, it would be nice and good if someone in TR would post any changes.
Anyway, but the point with the start sellings similar start Supercharger might be not right. Because, in Bulgaria and Serbia there are no Selling points for Tesla, but they have allready Superchargers in both countrys.

I ask for indulgence regarding my English

I don’t know. As you said, they have superchargers in Serbia, for example, but they don’t officially sell their vehicles there nor do they have any service centre.

And in the most recent supercharger voting, there was a location in Georgia (the country) and another one in Oman, both of which aren’t official Tesla markets. So it seems like Tesla is open to the idea of opening superchargers before they officially enter a new market.

Let’s see what’s going to happen in Thailand: Superchargers first or service centre first.



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May 15, 2023.