Release v4.1.1

Looks like we skipped posting about version 4.1.0 here. That version was released on May 15:

  • Added chart: Changes by Month
  • Updated: Google Map links now use latitude + longitude instead of street address
  • Updated: Check for database updates hourly (for those who keep tabs open for a long time)
  • Fixed: Site popup window for direct links would sometimes be unresponsive
  • Fixed: ≤ symbol for Power should only appear if a site has more than one stall type
  • Fixed: Site popup window shows “today” for any site updated less than a day ago

Then 4.1.1 (released on May 25) adds a couple minor fixes:

  • Fixed: The About page now reflects the change in how Google Map links work
  • Fixed: The Changes page now properly shows “old➜new” stall count for a newly expanded site (look at Senj, Croatia for an example)