Release v4.0.0

Update April 23: now released!

Currently available on our testing site - - as always, feedback is welcome!

Following close on the heels of our previous release…

  • Added: Stall counts in the change log
  • Added: Ability to filter on stall/plug types, parking, solar canopy, and battery backup
  • Added: Free-form text search -- in addition to names and locations, try typing things like "ccs2" / "urban" / "trailer" / "wawa"
  • Updated: Clearer distinction between Tesla (proprietary) and NACS (open) plugs -- plus better NACS data!
  • Updated: Clearer marking for sites that are NOT accessible or trailer-friendly (when known)
  • Updated: More consistency between Changes, Map, and Data pages
  • Updated: "Open to" filter now distinguishes between NACS and other EVs

My congratulations, what an enormous improvements this year.
Looking forward to v4.0.0.

Two minor things:

  1. Host information is not always present in countries like e.g. the Netherlands for Hotel Van der Valk.
  2. An idea to add in the future from Tesla:

a) Charging Fees and Charging fees for Other EVs Owner
12:00am - 4:00pm€0,35/kWh
4:00pm - 8:00pm€0,39/kWh
8:00pm - 12:00am€0,35/kWh
Idle fees (up to)€1/min

b) Amenities

Again, my congratulations.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
And thanks for the feedback. With all the new fields we’ve introduced, we’re starting to run up against limitations in our capacity to keep up with ever-changing data. That’s one of the reasons we didn’t add a pricing field (yet?). We’re certainly thinking about how to do better, which I’d guess will probably be a combination of finding reliable data sources we could automate, finding more editors, and potentially introducing some form of crowdsourcing.

One issue I’ve noticed is that (rather infuriatingly) since Tesla doesn’t consistently activate the magic docks on V4 stalls some V4’s are marked incorrectly as having CCS compatability (first one I noticed was the one in Wilsonville Oregon. But I’ve also been to the ones in Capitola and Highland and verified they don’t have functioning magic docks personally)
Tesla does have this data on their site so not sure if it would be possible to pull from it. I haven’t personally been to any V4 locations that actually do have the magic docks enabled so not exactly sure what Teslas plan here is but it would be nice if these were manually verified prior to being added as CCS compatible instead of what currently seems to be the case of automatically assuming V4s are Magic Docks. (Which they technically are but again, Tesla infuriatingly seems to not be utilizing them)

I’ve fixed Wilsonville. Capitola and both Highland CA locations appear to be correct on at the moment (i.e. they match Tesla’s “open to NACS”).

So far we’ve been able to find data to pull somewhat reliably for NACS, but not for MagicDock, and it’s possible that some of the NACS data inadvertently resulted in marking MagicDock sites whose CCS plugs aren’t yet active as being open to non-NACS vehicles.

As you can probably appreciate, finding and making use of good/clean data can be a significant challenge. As I said in my previous post, we’re still looking to do better – so if you can suggest specific data sources, we can consider incorporating them.

EDIT: I also queried our database and fixed the following V4 sites on to match Tesla’s “open to NACS” status:

  • Bothell (201st Pl SE) WA
  • Blaine (Boblett St) WA
  • Sparks NV
  • Los Gatos Blvd CA
  • Tacoma (S Hosmer St) WA
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Ah well, must have been looking at something else then, thanks for getting what you noticed.

On another note, since I can sort by if chargers have solar canopies or not I realized that there are quite a few missing (since as far as I can tell these all have to be self reported so definitely no judgment there). So was going to go through all my pictures to find the ones that aren’t on the list. For the purpose of this there were at least 2 chargers I went to that had solar canopies that were not Tesla Branded. (for example these chargers in chula vista I was curious if those count for the purpose of marking solar canopies or not or if there just isn’t any consensus on those?

If you’re referring to Chula Vista - Showroom Pl, CA (there are 3 sites just in Chula Vista), then it looks like it has been fixed already. :slight_smile: Happy to take further feedback on other sites missing the Solar Canopy icon.