Release v3.9.0

We have been really busy updating the site backstage and adding loads of additional data for a new release of the website.

The major of work has been unseen as in need in the database and backend system to even get to this stage. Many long days and nights. So thanks to our rock star dev @paulkva for getting us this far and to all the @editors that have been adding all the new info to the database.

It is the first phase for even more changes in the coming months.

Here is what has been added for the next public release:

  • Show the breakdown of Urban, V2, V3 & V4 stalls per site
  • Show the plugs able to use per site
  • Site hosts information
  • Accessible bays
  • Trailer friendly bays
  • Parking status information (Paid parking, restrictions, etc)
  • Links for additional site information (Plugshare, Openstreetmap)

And here is link with a preview of the site.

The data will be up a day old so it will not match up exactly with the latest superchargers on the main site and there is lots of data added all the time in the background.

Please have a look and any feedback welcome.

Future enhancements coming soon include:

More searchable filters for many of the new options.
NACS adapter sites
Charts page(s) redesigning for all the new options
and much more.
More sites status for expanding sites, planning and voting.


Released to production!

2024-03-28 - New site details: stalls, plugs, & more

Note that many sites still do not have complete data in the new fields. Kudos to our editors for the progress they’ve made so far! Please feel free to report inaccuracies or incomplete data on our forum.

  • Added stalls: Counts of Urban, V2, V3, & V4 stalls per site
  • Added plugs: Counts of the connector plugs (NACS, CCS1/MagicDock, CCS2, Type2, & GB/T) available per site
  • Added site host: Host Name & Opening Hours
  • Added number of Accessible stalls
  • Added number of Trailer-friendly stalls
  • Added parking information (paid parking, restrictions, etc)
  • Added links for additional maps and site information (PlugShare, OpenStreetMap)
  • Updated: Changes to tables and map to accommodate new fields
  • Updated: UI general refresh for a cleaner, modern look, new icons
  • Updated: About page with mini FAQ
  • Updated: Bug fixes with better caching and updating

We seem to have lost the ability to change the rows per page from 25 on the changes tab

The control for that moved to the top right of the table. I just tried it and it works for me; if it’s not working for you, what browser and OS are you using?

Ah Yes, many thanks - hadn’t spotted that (Obviously!)

Did it used to have a 10,000 option too? Or am I misremembering?

It did have a 10,000 option a while back, and that size overloaded most browsers :grimacing: so we eliminated it. :slight_smile:

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Great update and kudo’s to everyone who has worked hard on this!
Now that we rely (even) more on crowdsourced info, maybe we can make an easy way for users of the site to provide feedback on sites info? An extra icon in the detail window that opens a box so they can send comments?

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This is a really good point … and fraught with its own set of challenges (e.g. how to minimize spam / abuse). Worth at least thinking through for sure. Might require another release or two before we get there but I’ll add it to our queue.

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I’m not seeing the SC locations when I pull up the OpenStreetMap link.

Is the icon greyed out? If it is we don’t have it linked to openstreetmap yet or doesn’t exist there.

To be clear, it should always link to OpenStreetMap. But if the OSM icon is grey, it’ll only take you to the map location based on the latitude/longitude we have. As @Rovastar said, that means either OSM itself doesn’t have a marker for the supercharger, or hasn’t incorporated that marker ID into our data yet.

If you find a site where the OSM icon is colored, but it doesn’t work or takes you to the wrong place, please do let us know!


Thanks for the update!