offshoot for non-Tesla Superchargers

Hi everyone…

Motivated by a recent trip we took in our VW ID.4 (taking the Tesla had apparently gotten too easy!), I was scoping out some current and planned DC fast chargers along the route. There were some helpful people that were posting construction pictures and status of some ElectrifyAmerica sites that were under construction along our route, but let’s face it, this is not an ideal platform to be using for that purpose. My wish was that there was a better (forum-based) platform and community to track and provide updates for non-Tesla charging stations.

Therefore, I have taken up the task of creating a (parallel) version of covering non-Tesla charging stations. Because this site already provides much of the functionality involved, I have used this site as a base. I hope that is okay and in the spirit of both open code development as well as wanting to promote EV charging (not just for Tesla).

My goal was to keep the front-end and admin UI as close to the original as possible (although obviously things like connector types, network providers, and so on, do require some definite alterations. And because my experience with Java is minimal, as well as the fact that I have zero experience with Docker and Tomcat, nor does it appear that it would be easy to install those platforms on my VPS, I have instead taken the approach of re-implementing the back-end API in something more familiar to me (PHP).

I wanted to give the developer community a heads up on this project, as well as offer my thanks for the work done so far. The Tesla community is all the better for the work done on this site, and I hope that the trove of information made possible by this site can be replicated for the non-Tesla community.

If you have any questions or comments for me, please reach out.

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