Suggestion - New status type: Voting

As I’ve been reading through threads, and noticing some folks trying to direct supercharger voting to sites that would fill in the worst coverage gaps, it occurred to me: if there were markers on the map for sites that are currently up for vote on Tesla’s ‘Supercharger Voting’, then that would be a new way for more casual users of this site to see sites they might want to vote for. Not everyone will be digging into forums, but having a visual on the maps page might get more of the casual users involved in the voting process.

If this becomes a new status type [and new type of map marker], then there could potentially be two sub-types: “Voting”, and “Voting - recommended to fill large coverage gap” (although my large cumbersome name could use some work, ha).


P.S. - If you happen to create a thread for this over on the TMC forums, please tag me on said thread so I can follow it there (same username over there as I have here).

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That’s an interesting suggestion. I actively do this in Australian EV/Tesla circles - we are “competing” again significantly higher populated regions, such as Japan and South Korea, so our best chance of getting Australian locations in the top 5 is to attempt to vote as a block. It would be advantageous to promote these via

The sites I select are typically chosen to fill gaps that would not “naturally” be chosen by Tesla, which aligns with your “recommended to fill large coverage gap” suggestion.

I like the idea, but I am biased being both a pusher of a voting block, and a editor! It would be tough to decide which sites would choose to back though. I don’t think Japanese/Korean contributors would like this site pushing Australian locations.

Interested to hear what others think. It would be the first time this site would take an “active” role in something (pushing for a specific action) as opposed to “passive” (recording data).

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Makes sense, I don’t blame you for wanting to have a more neutral stance in your role as an admin. Having said that, there could still be some good in adding just the “voting” markers for all the sites available to vote on, without adding the ‘recommended’ sub-type of markers. Just showing the locations available for voting should still help drive more voting activity, which ought to be helpful in the bigger picture.

Food for thought :man_shrugging: I’m guessing something like that would take some extra time to implement though. In any case, still glad to have this site as a resource! Thanks for your time/effort!

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Agreed it’s a good idea. We have a hefty backlog of good ideas right now, and unfortunately not a ton of free time among the dev team to act on them. Worth keeping in mind, especially if an upcoming change is already going to affect the list of possible statuses.

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