St Anton, Austria

Can someone with local knowledge possibly clarify what the deal is with this supercharger? There is an original one, from 2013, which we have listed. But another has been added to Plugshare. I originally thought it was a duplicate but it looks like it might actually be a second 4-stall site, just up the road.

(New site marked as 2020, old site to the south-west)

Pic seems to proof that there is a new location if compared to Google Streetview (Building in the background). I asked in the TFF Austria forum if anyone knows if the old location still exists.

No reply so far.
In car map only knows the new location (10 stalls)
Tesla Trip planner only knows the new location (14 stalls).
Tesla findus site only knows the old location (4 stalls).
Google only knows the new location (10 stalls).
Open Street Map knows both locations.

I assume the old location does not exist any more. I updated the location, street address and number of stalls according to the in-car map. I think we should wait a little longer until we consider this case closed.