Sorting by kW

Why on earth is there not a sort by kW option on the data page? Arguably the most important one imo for planning trips to see which V3 chargers will be on your trip. Why even have the option to sort by things like GPS and street address in the first place while not having the option to sort by kW? Looking into the page with the inspect element you can see that the kW column has even been set to sorting disabled.

Like what???

Why is the case? Seems like more work went into making the most useful column non-sortable than making it sortable like ALL of the other columns. Can this be done? Please consider making the kW column sortable like the rest of them are. At least sorting by kW would have some actual use in comparison to the other ones.

Use this app.

This is something that Keith would have to do as the sorting is done on the database side. It looks like the implementation is a bit buggy too since sorting the table by any column after “kW” sorts the column after it instead of the column you clicked.