Show Price Of Supercharger In Popup

Would be nice to display the price of Superchargers in the popup when you click on them in the map. I understand that you don’t have that information, but it could be crowdsourced (like the rest of the information).

This is really needed, now that pricing info has disappeared from the nav screen in-car…

It would be nice to have, but since Tesla seems willing to regularly alter pricing adding this’s map/database would entail a ton of extra work for those editing the information trying to keep it all up-to-date. I mean, unless the site also changed the way that such alterations get made.

It may make sense to have a page that lets editors update pricing per multiple countries/states, but it’s not obvious (to me) which locations in the US are per minute or per kWh. Perhaps just a static link on each supercharger location popup to pricing on Tesla’s website: