Shit article by Fred Lambert

Most of you have probably seen this new article by Fred, which talks about 10 new V3 Supercharging stations “which have been discovered” . This article is spreading falsehoods and misinformation on the current Superchargers that are going to be V3, so there are already way more than 20 V3 Superchargers in permit or actively under construction. He also cites Tesla as his main source, when I know for sure that he got the info from this site, which he didn’t quote, nor did he quote the Tesla Motors Club posts, which are accounted for in most/all of these findings.

I think this article is horrible and it should be removed from the web, and I think he should apologize for spreading this misinformation.

P.S. I put in a poll to see what your thoughts are on the matter.

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Are you refering to this article?

He links to and talks about 40 new Superchargers in the last 2 month of which there are 10 believed to be V3.
Is there an older version of this article that you are referring to?
It is normal that the first sentence gives something like a TL;DR. So “we can confirm 10 new Supercharger V3 stations.” is short for: “The Tesla Community (=we) have found information about 10 additional (=new) V3 supercharger sites.”

The first article of the week about V3 was the one for Clearwater, FL. I replied to that one directly pointing out that it was incorrect about it being the first V3 after Vegas and that there was an error in the last line. Then they posted the article about 10 more V3s with hardly even a sentence about the previous incorrect article.


That wasn’t the first time Fred was acting like the V3 supercharger deployment was slow. Here too he said…

I have been underwhelmed by the deployment of Tesla’s Supercharger V3, but I am impressed by the increase in capacity of Supercharger V2.

I commented (not knowing I was shadow banned from the site) the following:

To be honest V3 superchargers represent 88% of stalls (46/52 stalls) at new superchargers in progress for the past month that have kW ratings on supercharge dot info. This makes up 5/18 or 28% of all new superchargers in progress being tracked on supercharge dot info (one has a rating of 120kW and the others don’t have kW ratings because there are no indicators of one yet). I didn’t count newly opened superchargers because each had likely been a work in progress for months.

He buried his only mention of Canada’s supercharger network growth in this article about L2 chargers, which is crazy because Canada’s superchargers in progress are set to grow its network by over 50%, passing Germany and France to become the country with the third largest supercharger network. And he lives in Canada with a Tesla, so its got to make you wonder, why isn’t he reporting this news?