See the country in the "changes" section.

I’d like to see which country a super charger in the changes section is in. Now for some countries (Australia, USA, Canada etc.) there are state abbreviations in the “changes / site” section when it should of course be the country being stated.

If you want to have the state/region too that is okay, but seeing what country it is in should be the priority.

And for other large countries like China (and later Brazil, India etc.) the states/regions should also be shown.

Hi Duckland,
This field is a free-text field - it isn’t auto-populated from the address - so to change all these would mean manually editing every US/CA/AU location entry.
Certainly feasible for Australia (there are only 26 entries), and maybe even for Canada (68), but USA would be insanely time consuming (over 600)!
I can do the Australian ones if there is support for it. USA/Canada abbreviations I think are widely enough known that they don’t need the country, but what do others think?

I think this change is unnecessary. You can filter by country if you need to see what belongs where, but I think most people know the US State and Canadian province abbreviations. The European ones already have country. What is the OP wanting to achieve with this suggestion?

Although site name is a text field and could have arbitrary values, the code also has another field available named “country” which wouldn’t be difficult to add to the display on the Changes page, either within the Site column or as its own separate column. You can see (and sort by) the individual field values on the Data page.

I actually don’t think it makes sense to go back and manually add country names to the site name field for every supercharger.

Most people most definitely do not know US state abbreviations, Canadian province abbreviations or Australian. Do you know the German bundesländer? Chinese provinces? French regions? Brazilian states? Indian?

I highly doubt that most US citizens even knows all the US and Canadian state/province abbreviations.

I want information of where the charger is located in the changes section.

Is it possible to add the country automatically (or manually) for future additions? I’d settle for that. =)

I do know all the US/CA state/provinces (and I’m not from that continent) but I’m a geek like that. I believe most people would realise they refer to US/CA locations even if they didn’t know some of them.

I think your second comment (having the location info carried over from the state/country field) would make the most sense - except then the country names would have to be removed from all of the European, etc. locations, or else they would double up. So either way it’s a fair bit of work.

Yep, we should remove state and country names from the “site name” field.

A case of an early wrong direction on my part…“Tejon Ranch, CA”, “Gilroy, CA”, “Barstow, CA” seemed natural enough…there won’t ever be 1,382 sites in 35 distinct countries will there? Ha.

It is redundant in the database and isn’t actually necessary for the user interface. That is, the user interface should be able to display name/state/country where appropriate maybe even dynamically. On the changes page, for example, country could be included if no region/country was selected. We can maybe leave that for later, and plan on first taking state/country out of the name.


(1) Continue to edit/name sites as we currently do.
(2) Run SQL/script to remove state/country
(3) Deploy updated UI code that reproduces current UI by pulling fields from correct place.
(4) Switch to editors using only the site “name” in the “name” field – usually city, but sometimes city-suffix.

After that we have quite a few options about what gets displayed.

Logged this issue:


Awesome. =) Hehe… well before the year 2000 more than two numbers for years were too much even, expansion and progress is a bitch.

I hope you and this page will get to celebrate 10 000 sites and 100 countries and more too!

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