Saint-Leonard D’aston Supercharger

The new Supercharger known by Tesla as Ste-Eulalie should be preferably known as Saint-Léonard-d’Aston or otherwise Le Madrid Supercharger. Can th re please be a name change? Thanks and Merry Christmas

Changed it, thanks.

That’s odd, I thought the policy was always to use the same name as Tesla did?

Ah, sorry chuq, I see that you had changed the name already and that I reversed your change.

The thought I’ve had in mind is “match Tesla’s name unless locals know better”. In the past I did get a lot of emails to saying that Tesla calls a site X but no one around here uses X, we all know it as Y-- in which case I would change the name to Y. The message from MrPlugSahre above might have been that kind of correction? Or maybe not?

Is it really better to use a name locals recognize/prefer or a name that matches Tesla?

I don’t feel too strongly one way or another. I guess there is some ambiguity in local preference --there could be multiple local preferences, etc.

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