Rochelle, IL - Info & Updates

There is no known official inormation except the “Coming” data on tesla’s Supercharger map.
Zoning discussed this recently:

There is a Loves truck stop already located nearby, that was a probable site. Loves has Superchargers at other locations already and Tesla needs semi truck parking / charging soon.

This new zoning request for electrical infrastructure improvements and rezoning for purchase by “an adjacent property” could be Loves buying the plot right next to I-88 (closer to the highway than current) and setting up power for Megachargers. No tesla was discussed (or other property buyer names).

I will update when there is new information. This is all very preliminary.

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Tonight’s agenda included zoning discussion with Pete Iosue from Tesla but unfortunately I was unable to attend.

It says “Pete Iosue with Teska”, which I thought might be a typo, but it turns out Pete Iosue is a Senior Associate at Teska Associates.

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