Render range circles only for selected layers


Currently when you select “All Range Circles On” under Map Options, the site will render the blue circles for all layers including Planned. If the Planned SuperCharger layer is turned off and this option is selected again it still renders circles for points that are hidden.

It would be useful to be able to hide the Planned SuperCharger points then show the range circles for all the other points on the displayed layers, to see the coverage as it exists currently.

For example, when zooming in over Nova Scotia, Canada with these settings as of 2019-03-24, I would expect the Halifax, Nova Scotia range circle to not be shown. As well as the circle between Bangor, Maine and Fredericton, New Brunswick at Medway, Maine not to be shown. It is harder to spot this second circle at Medway, Maine as there is a lot of other overlapping range circles in the area, which is a good example of why this feature would be useful.

I understand if this would be difficult to implement any time soon, but was hoping to bring it up for consideration.