Please add editable per-SuperCharger cost field


Please add an editable per-SuperCharger cost field, so Tesla SuperCharger customers can use this site to know the cost at each SuperCharger. It would be the electric version of GasBuddy. Since the price probably fluctuates in ranges, you should post a graph of the historical price plotted by price at time. Customers could make informed choices about whether to charge at their Destination Charger given its cost or the SuperCharger given its cost. Also, they could decide home vs. SuperCharger prices. It is required by law in most states to post fuel prices at fuel stations, so this is already public information; no need to ask Tesla if there’s permission.


In Europe the cost is set per country. I do not know if this is the same across the whole US or if it is different from state to state. The price does not fluctuate much. It is typically set with a long duration in mind and adjusted perhaps once per year. - And as some will add - the price does not apply if you are within your annual included quota or you are driving an older Tesla with “free supercharging for life” included.

If we should add this cost we should perhaps also add the per minute fee for being connected to a supercharger past reaching 100% (or is it "with enough % to reach your entered destination)? I think this cost is also set per country.

Perhaps implement this as fields on the country level with a similar set of fields on the state level. If no values set on state level then use values from country.