Permitted SC’s - “Other EV’s Okay” Data Accuracy?

I have noticed that some newly permitted chargers are labeled with the “Other EV’s Okay symbol” while other newly permitted chargers are not. I have seen multiple newly permitted V3 chargers labeled either way recently. How is this determined prior to a site being opened? Is this info reliable at the permit stage?

I suppose it depends. Generally we will try and show what we expect it to be. Sometimes this will be off.

For some countries new stations that will be no to other EV’s others yes. Or the stall type V4 often are open to all, Or with think they have magic docks/NEVI funding.

What ones do you have questions about?

Kayenta, Arizona SC is under construction and labeled that it won’t support other EV’s. How did you come to this conclusion? Thank you.

I think for this there seems to be no evidence that shows it will be open to other EVs yet. The default position is leave it as just a Tesla supercharger.

I’d like to be able to charge a Rivian here using an owner supplied, Tesla manufactured, NACS to CCS adapter.

What evidence at this point of would tell you that a particular SC under construction would or would not be open to another EV using an owner supplied adapter?

We don’t have any indications for the V3 type of stalls under construction that they will be open adapters. So we generally mark them as tesla only. For the V4s we expect them to all be open for all evs and they have an adapter built so we generally mark them that way.

Often even when opened it is Tesla only for a few weeks until opened for adapters.
I expect 95% will be open for the adapters anyway and would be likely for this one.

Maybe this will change and not really a policy by us but that is the way most editors have been marking these at this stage.

I think for a default it makes most sense to have them like this until we know any know information and that is most often when someone charges via an adapter there, appears in a Ford or Rivian nav or Tesla mark them as such.