Patreon thought

Please change the name on that account to be instead of Keith. That will make the bill each month more understandable to many of us. Love the site.

I need to change the credit card info for my membership. It appears there is not a form on the website to do this. This thread is the only place I’ve found to make this request.

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That would be done here, or under “My Memberships” in Patreon:

The naming that Patreon uses is a bit confusing, but it is there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. It’s a rather convoluted process, but I eventually was able to enter my new cc number and delete the old one. I still don’t see how I could have known how to do this without sending this post. There isn’t even a way to send a question on how the site operates other than using the forum. Regardless of these issues I find this site very useful. Thanks to all who created it and keep it going.

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No worries, always feel free to post any questions. I find this site useful too! That’s why I started helping. It’s definitely a collaborative effort, not even just by the people who post updates to the actual site, but also people who find permits/construction sites in the wild, and people who find/watch for information other people have posted and share it with us so there can be one good source for all of the supercharger network.

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