Patreon badge for signatures


I created a badge to encourage people to visit/subscribe to the Patreon so I could put it as my signature in TMC but was disappointed to find out you can’t embed signature images. Anyways it looks like the Model 3 Owner’s Club lets you use 1 image so if anyone wanted to, you could use any of the following:

Help stay alive! Check out their Patreon below:

Let me know if you’d like me to make any changes or would like the code. It’s a node.js script that retrieves the patron count every five minutes, generates some HTML and saves a screenshot to file. I’m pretty good at styling but decided to go with something basic to start with. In particular, the height would probably need to adjusted. I could easily create different badges for different people too.


I’m not quite sure why the forum software replaced the image with broken link thumbnails, but here are links to them:

And I’ll try embedding them again: