Park City, UT Super Charger

It seems that Tesla is now listing a “Coming Soon” supercharger in Park City, UT, but it does not seem to be listed on yet. Anyone have an idea of where it’ll be yet?

Here’s the Tesla link to it.

There are hundreds of grey pins on Tesla’s map that aren’t on’s.’s map only includes locations that are specifically identified (i.e. have an exact street address) and for which someone has shared independent confirmation that they are in development or under construction.

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The map of Superchargers has had a grey pin on Park City for nearly three years now!
They have never moved on even to a permit stage. The app “Superchargers” actually lists the locations under construction and their status. I’m not sure who exactly is tracking that but they seem to have been doing a good job over the years.
Of note the location in Draper Utah appeared on the Tesla Map just a few months and is already Permited!
This leads me to be progressively less hopeful about the timeline on the Park City, Utah locaiton. It has been on the “coming soon” list for so long, and no apparent progress made. Not sure if they are having trouble striking a deal with a local landlord or what.
Right at Kimbal Junction, exit 145 off of I-80 there are tons of different shops and eateries where one could easily blow 40 minutes while charging. There is tons of parking there. I just think it is a patchwork of owners and right-of-way that might be giving them trouble.

See thread on TMC

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