This is a continuation of a discussion started in a PM. Here is what has been discussed up until now:

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One way to get a list is to use Overpass Turbo frontend for the Overpass API. This link should lead you to a query returning all superchargers mapped in OSM: After zooming in on an area, you can click “run” in the top left and then “export” for some data format options. The Overpass API is extremely powerful - this query is only a small taste of what it can do. I highly recommend taking a look at this page, if you’re interested: Overpass API - OpenStreetMap Wiki

In the OSM world, mapping charging stations as ways is considered superior in terms of detail, with nodes really only being used to reduce effort or if sufficiently detailed sources are not available. Currently, most stations (~97%) are mapped as nodes, but in the future I expect many to be changed to ways. So it would probably be a good idea to find a way to handle both.

It is probably also worth noting that the IDs of OSM ways and nodes don’t always stay the same. In theory they should, but in practice the nodes and ways sometimes get deleted and re-added. The ID also changes when the charging station info is moved from a node to a way or vise versa.

Hi @jmarchon
Welcome to the forums.

Many of the editors here are familiar with OSM. I’ve personally been involved from back in 2007, heavily involved before but a more casual editor there now.

We will discuss amongst ourselves here to have a more open license.
Our general intention is people can use our data freely.
Never sure what the super strict rules of compatible to OSM licenses are nowadays,

What do you intend to do with our data on OSM? Importing them worldwide (imports can be tricky with duplicates already in OSM)? Just adding some to your local area? (I see you added some recently)

Personally I find the implementation of EV charging a right mess in OSM (multiple implementations of the same thing, misleading, outdated or outright wrong guides in the wiki last I looked, etc) and I haven’t the energy or inclination to start adding these on mass.

However if you want to do the heavy lifting of dealing with the OSM import mailing list and getting consensus in the community to potential use our data then feel free. I would genuinely welcome that, it would be great for OSM.
(Most useful I think for OSM would be to for matching OSM ID where we could import/update site information with the stall counts and power once as we keep on top of this really well.)

We have been adding OSM IDs (getting ways added is already earmarked but as you say not many of those about) but over the past few months. We could overpass API to get more info but I think we are adding them at a steady pace. For areas like Europe where OSM is more mature we have added many, US doesn’t have that many, and I expect near zero in China.

Thanks @jmarchon for posting this. Hope it leads to a robust discussion, and as both @Rovastar and I said, we’ll continue discussing our licensing approach internally.

My apologies, I wrongly assumed you weren’t familiar. Sorry for explaining things you already know.

I was hoping to use your data as a reference for manually adding stations to OSM. I already have other sources, but your data seems to be one of the most accurate. You also provide a convenient feed for additions/removals to the supercharger network. For now, I don’t intend to perform an import. Maybe sometime in the future once the guidelines/tags for mapping chargers on OSM have improved and settled.