New Supercharger Site under construction Broxden Park & Ride, Perth, Scotland

New Supercharger Site at Broxden Park & Ride, Perth, Scotland

Image from Planning Deed in this post

Planning application info for Sub station to accommodate:

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I collected some more information from SpeakEV and some Tesla owner’s forums:
GPS: 56.386000, -3.479200
Size: 12
Power: 120 kW (all UK sites still 120 kW AFAIK)

SpeakEV thread includes links to council planning documents confirming location and number of stalls. Six Tesla crates already delivered to site, presumably the charging cabinets for the 12 stalls.
Site preparation spotted 27-Jan-19 (area coned off).
GPS coordinates should plot at southern end of Broxden park and ride car park.


Site went live today, Ive edited the details but the page won’t save.

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Set to open now. Perhaps you set the date but did not change to “Open” or vice-versa?