New Supercharger DK

A new Supercharger at Ikast, Denmark is under construction


Thanks @Wiegaard - do you have a more precise location? Address, co-ordinates, etc?

Location 56°07’17.7"N 9°10’22.7"E = Exit 37 (Ikast Øst)
16 chargers
No info about when it opens.


I added the site. If somebody can come up with a better street address (please test if Google maps points to the right location), we are all ears.

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I just visited the new site. It was a field few months ago and does not jet have an address on google maps. According to danish cadastre map an upcoming street name seems to be 1) 22/24 La Cours Vej or 2) 22/24 Uhregårds Alle in Ikast (postal code 7430).
The map location above is correct.

Bonus info: They are also making a McDonald’s at this supercharger, I would think the superchargers are active before McDonalds.


Thank you for your investigation. After the new roads show up in Google Maps we will change the address.

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4 cabinets for 16 stalls. Seems to be V3.

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Getting closer

Incorrectly named Holstebro but on the map:


A quick drive by shot from April 18th. Doesn’t seem to have happened much since last photo.

Now with lampposts

Some stand foundations are done

And McDonald’s beat them on the opening. They were open today

Any news on the opening of Ikast?