New supercharger construction Sheetz in Madison, VA

I was driving from Culpeper to Charlottesville, VA today and was surprised to see construction at a Sheetz a few miles south of Culpeper in Madison, VA (2902 S Seminole Trl, Madison, VA 22727). I spoke with an employee who confirmed it is a Tesla supercharger with a planned opening of August 16th. You can see the construction and footings in the attached pictures. This will make travel from the DC area even easier. It is really exciting to see all of these superchargers going in at Sheetz stations. I will definitely preferentially visit them even when not in the Tesla!


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Thanks @Bourq002 - I saw this one on TMC (It might have been around the same time as you posted here) and have now added it.

Here are the footings.

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