New Supercharger coming to Ely, Nevada

Tesla is reporting a new Supercharger coming to Ely, Nevada in Q3 2022.
Will be a shortcut and a way to avoid Salt Lake City for those heading south from Twin Falls, Idaho to Las Vegas, Phoenix and LA.

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There is a thread on the Supercharger coming to Ely, Nevada at Supercharger - Ely, NV | Tesla Motors Club

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Hello Iwebs and welcome! maintains their database/map in a different manner from Tesla, so a location being on Tesla’s map doesn’t mean it will get listed here. And, in fact, there are hundreds of locations on Tesla’s map that aren’t on this one. only lists locations for which there is independent confirmation of an exact location for the supercharger. Things like planning/zoning applications, building permit applications, dig alerts to avoid underground utilities that are reliably connected to Tesla, pictures of a site actively under construction with identifiable supercharger equipment, etc.