New Site at Gretna green, Scotland?

Apologies if this is not new but I did a bit of research and couldn’t find any reference to it…

Anyone got any ideas?

Hey @martinwinlow, this one isn’t even part of the official planning.

The screenshots you posted are from the voting page where users with a Tesla account can vote for their favourite locations.

As far as I know, the top 5 locations per region (which are roughly similar to but not the same as continents) will be included in the planning.

My personal opinion is that while the idea is good, the voting process is pretty pointless in Europe because the Hungarian locations win every quarter. Almost(!) seems a little fishy. :slight_smile:

So even if this particular location were in he top 5 (which it’s not), Tesla would still have to identify a suitable site around Gretna green and reach an agreement with the owner, the local authorities and the grid operator, which could take anywhere between 6 months and 66 years.

Actually this one has been on the tesla coming soon for a while. Needed location around there.

Cant find any permits for it so not on this site yet. Often they can appear on the coming soon but not actual come out or change locations.

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The website is incidental (and I agree - darn Hungarians!); it’s the new location at Gretna that I was remarking on that isn’t marked on your map!

Regards, Martin.

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